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Patrick Choi in epic pose in Munich Underground
Patrick Choi in Munich Underground

Student at TUM exploring entrepreneurship, creativity and personal growth.

As a student at Technical University of Munich who is passionate about entrepreneurship, online marketing and digital technologies, I am eager to challenge myself to reach new heights.
I created my personal website (click button below) because I wanted to put myself out there. It doesn’t just serve as a creative outlet but having an online presence helps me to stay commited to the goals I set for myself.
For instance, I set up my own Impossible List (which is more than just setting goals or a bucket list) to avoid stagnation. As a lifelong learner, I like to read books which is why I keep a Reading List here as well.
In any case, I have much greater projects planned, so stay tuned!

Btw, I integrated a little game into the contact page if you wanna check it out ;D